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Venn Chiropractic and Wellness Center Answers
Common Questions

Venn Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers answers below to many of the common questions about chiropractic care. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give our Frisco chiropractic office a call. We are happy to help!

Do you accept my insurance plan?

We accept and bill for you most major insurance plans. The best thing for us to do is get your insurance information and find out your chiropractic benefits. We can usually do this the same day or within 24 hours and will let you know what it will cost.

Do you adjust kids?

Yes! We adjust people of all ages from 2 days old to over 100.

How many times do I have to come back to correct my problem?

We do not have set treatment plans for all patients. We treat everyone like an individual since everyone heals at a different rate. Factors that will affect how many adjustments are necessary include age, fitness level, activity level, stress level, diet, and how long the problems have been developing in the first place. Regardless of when the symptom first showed up, we find that most of our patients problems originate in childhood from either sports, rough-housing, a fall, or bad posture. Because it took a lifetime to get you where you are today, it can sometimes take some time to correct it. The simple answer to this question is I can predict and expect great results but I simply cannot predict how quickly they will happen.

Are you going to twist my neck like I see in the movies?

Absolutely not! We do not ever twist your spine during an adjustment. The Gonstead adjustment we use is gentle and precise and avoids rotation of any kind.

Will the adjustment hurt?

99% of my patients will actually tell you that getting adjusted feels great! On a rare occasion, if someone is already in extreme pain, the adjustment will be uncomfortable but even in those situations the patient usually says afterwards that the adjustment wasn’t as bad as they expected and was over in an instant. I will always be as gentle as necessary to make sure your experience is the best possible.

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