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Chiropractic Keeps Athletes at the Top of Their Game

I love seeing all of my patients. It is truly a joy to me to be able to care for a diverse group of people with many different needs. Being a former athlete myself, I especially enjoy seeing athletes come into our office for help. Not only can chiropractic care help with the pain relief so commonly needed in those who are harder on their bodies, but also, it can actually enhance their athletic performance!

Man holding an ice pack on his knee

Your spine holds the key to the pain you’re feeling in other parts of your body.

Held Back by Knee Pain

I had one patient come in recently who had seen chiropractors previously. In fact, he’d seen another chiropractor three times a week for several months, but the knee pain he came in for wasn’t helped. He also tried a lot of physical therapy with the same lack of results. This patient was himself a competing athlete as well as a coach for other athletes. This knee pain had left him unable to compete, and he was unable to demonstrate things for the students he coached.

It was to the point where he was even having trouble moving into a standing position and seriously affected his job and his entire life.

Your Spine is the Key

When this athlete came in for care, we discussed his problem and decided to start by adjusting his spine very precisely. Some of you may think ‘But the guy had knee pain; why not just go straight to the knee?’ But the fact is, your spine is the control center for all your nerves, including the ones going to your knees.

I gave my patient a very specific adjustment in his lower back, which addressed the nerves going to his knees. After 1-2 weeks of care with us, his knee pain was 100% gone, and he’s still coming in to see us and enjoying being pain-free to this day!

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