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Spinal Decompression in Frisco TX

Spinal DecompressionWhether you have severe back pain or a bulging or herniated disc, you want effective and lasting relief, and you want to achieve it safely. Many people with disc problems are told they’ll need surgery or prescribed painkillers, both of which can be risky.

Are you struggling with severe back pain or dealing with a bulging or herniated disc? If you’re searching for safe, effective, and lasting relief, you’ve come to the right place. At Venn Chiropractic and Wellness Center, your local wellness hub conveniently nestled in the heart of Frisco TX, we provide non-surgical, drug-free spinal decompression Frisco therapy to address your spinal health concerns.

How Does Spinal Decompression Frisco Work?

This therapy is a way to create a gentle traction on the spine, which is a low force stretch in a very specific direction. We’re trying to take pressure and force off the spinal disc. The objective is to help the disc heal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In many cases, the stretch created with the traction can increase mobility and function of the joint if it’s been stuck for a long time.  Most importantly, the computerized system uses a program that will pull and then release several times during the session so instead of it being simply a static traction, it truly creates a pumping action within the joint.  As a result of this pumping action, it creates a negative pressure within the disc.  That negative pressure pulls in nutrients, blood flow, and everything else required to accelerate the healing process of the disc.  If you have a herniated or bulging disc, the therapy allows the herniation or bulge to be sucked back in.

Is Spinal Decompression Frisco Right For Me?

Generally, chiropractic patients dealing with spinal misalignment or disc problems can benefit tremendously.  As Dr. Venn and Dr. Strunk put it, “Combining chiropractic care with spinal decompression supercharges the benefits of adjustments, resulting in faster, more efficient healing.” Common conditions that would specifically benefit include herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative discs, sciatica, pain or numbness going into the legs, spinal arthritis, spinal stenosis, and neuropathy.

Your Journey to a Healthier Spine

Here’s a glimpse of what your session might look like:

Dr. Venn will perform a thorough exam and take X-rays to see the true condition of your spine and determine the health of your discs. The results of the X-rays will let us know if you’re a candidate for decompression. If you are, we will discuss your goals, and Dr. Venn will put together a treatment plan with you that includes chiropractic care and spinal decompression Frisco.

We will lay you on our state-of-the-art decompression table. Depending on which part of the spine we want to work on (the neck or lower back), we will hook you up to a strap that supports that part of the body. The strap is connected to a computer system, and we put in a very specific amount of time and pressure that’s individualized to meet your goals.

Undergoing a spinal decompression Frisco session involves multiple stages, during which our state-of-the-art machine carefully modulates pressure to achieve optimal traction for your spine.  Patients often report feeling more relaxed and mobile post-session. Many even experience an increased range of motion. Choose us to experience these treatments and feel the difference for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is not a candidate?

Those who had any fracture or spinal surgery that included the placement of metal rods would not be a candidate.

Is it painful?

No, not at all. In fact, most people feel relaxed during their sessions.

How long is the first visit?

Please allow 15-20 minutes for your initial visit, which includes getting set up on the table, the decompression session, and getting unhooked.

How long till I start seeing results?

While you may experience some improvement after one treatment, we view decompression like an exercise program. If you want to achieve a result with exercise, whether you’re seeking to lose weight or get stronger, a single workout won’t cut it. You’ll need to go through a program to see a change. Generally, we recommend a minimum of 15 sessions to see some change occur.

Start Your Journey Towards a Pain-Free Life in Frisco TX

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for spinal decompression Frisco, and get back to enjoying life pain-free!


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