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pediatric chiropractic

Pediatric Chiropractor in Frisco TX

At Venn Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we mean it when we say we’re here for your entire family. We believe that even your children, no matter how big or small, deserve the chance to grow and develop just as they were meant to. With natural chiropractic care, we’re happy to offer exactly that.

How Can Pediatric Chiropractor Frisco Help Children?

Chiropractic care for children works to make sure their nervous system is developing correctly by removing any disturbances that may have occurred during the traumatic birthing process or during early life depending on their age. When their nervous system isn’t functioning as it was designed to, kids can experience a wide range of problems, including:

  • Ear infections
  • Colic
  • Digestive problems
  • Poor sleep
  • Acid Reflux
  • Postural issues
As the saying goes—it’s easier to grow healthy kids than fix broken adults. When children are under regular chiropractic care, they’re often healthier and happier in the long run!

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Kids?

Chiropractic care at Venn Chiropractic and Wellness Center is extremely safe for children. When infants and newborns come to us for adjustments, there is absolutely no popping or cracking sound that occurs. In fact, we use just the slightest bit of pressure—about the amount you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato. When this gentle touch is given to their spine where they need it, it can make a world of difference in their health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can newborns be checked by a chiropractor?

Absolutely. In fact, the sooner you bring your child in to have their spine checked by our pediatric chiropractor Frisco, the better. This is because it’s far easier to resolve any spinal trauma as soon after it happens instead of letting it fester.

What if my child is scared of the pediatric chiropractor Frisco?

We do everything we can to make your child’s visit with us fun and relaxing. In fact, some children don’t even realize they’re being adjusted, as we can carry out the adjustment while they play or speak to us. Many of our young patients can’t wait to visit us!

How much pressure is used to adjust a child?

Chiropractic adjustments for children are extremely gentle—in fact, we use about the same amount of pressure to adjust your child as we would to check the ripeness of a tomato. If you’re nervous, we’ll show you the amount of pressure so that you can feel it firsthand before we ever perform the adjustment on your child.

How often should my child visit a chiropractor?

Until our pediatric chiropractor Frisco checks your child’s spine in person, it’s difficult to say how often they should visit our practice. We’ll always present you with the care plan that we think they’ll benefit most from. Because children are resilient and it’s easier to correct a problem in their spine than an adult due to their age, it’s likely your child won’t need regular ongoing care, but you may choose to bring them back for maintenance visits after their initial complaint clears up.

Will insurance cover my child’s adjustment?

It’s entirely possible! We will verify that your insurance covers your child’s visit before it happens so that there are never any financial surprises—we want our patients to have all of the information necessary to make the best decision for themselves and their family.

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Ready to learn more about how natural chiropractic care can benefit your children? We’d love to speak with you more. Contact our practice today to get started. We look forward to helping your kids live their best life!


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