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Gonstead Chiropractic Specialist

Man getting back adjustmentAt our office we pride ourselves in being Gonstead Chiropractic Specialists. This means that while we offer many different healing modalities, the ONLY adjusting technique we use is Gonstead.

This is very important to consider when looking for a Gonstead chiropractor. Often times, when looking for a new Gonstead doc you might ask them if they do Gonstead. The typical answer from all chiropractors will be in the affirmative but the answer is very misleading.

You see, all chiropractors learn the basics of Gonstead in school. They take one class and get exposed to the technique but that’s it. If they do not go outside of school to have any extra Gonstead training, it is impossible to learn the whole Gonstead system only in school.

Also, because of the difficulty in performing the technique and in strictly utilizing the system, if a chiropractor does Gonstead along with multiple other chiropractic systems or techniques, it is impossible for them to become truly proficient at Gonstead. More importantly, if they truly knew the difference of Gonstead from other techniques, WHY would they even consider adjusting in any other way? They wouldn’t.

Nervoscope deviceLess than 1% of all chiropractors specialize in Gonstead. Why? It’s very simple. All chiropractors know that Gonstead is by far the hardest, most in depth chiropractic system to learn. Most students who attempt to do Gonstead, simply give up because of the extreme difficulty in performing it correctly.

In every graduating class, there is usually just one who specializes in Gonstead. It is definitely the difficulty and not lack of success that deters most students from pursuing proficiency in Gonstead. In fact, I remember in school whenever a student would get sick or really hurt, even if they didn’t personally use Gonstead, they would seek out a Gonstead guy to give them an adjustment. They knew which technique was best.

Gonstead is so different from typical chiropractic that it’s almost like a different profession!

  • We avoid twisting of the spine.
  • We use extreme precision in finding and correcting vertebral subluxations.
  • We use a very in-depth analysis process of the x-rays to be able to make a 3 dimensional correction.
  • Gonstead provides a complete system taking into account many factors to get the most long-term correction.
  • We take the idea of cause and effect to extreme making very sure to only adjust the underlying cause while avoiding any bones that don’t need to be messed with.
  • We get fantastic results!
Am I a candidate for Gonstead?

The Gonstead technique takes a scientific approach to chiropractic-essentially, if we find that your body is experiencing interference in the nervous system, you’re a candidate for care. We’ll be able to identify interference after seeing you in person and let you know if we believe chiropractic care can help you.

Does this technique hurt?

Many patients find being adjusted to be relaxing-some even say they feel better when they leave our practice than they did when they came in. We think you’ll feel the same.

How often will I need care?

This will depend on our recommendations for you and how often you’d like to visit our practice. Please know that you’re always in charge, and we’ll work with you to provide the best possible results in the quickest amount of time.

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If you would like to learn more about Gonstead, you can go to or for more information.

If you are a patient and would like to learn more about how the Gonstead system can help you, please call us today! We can help! Since we are a Gonstead teaching facility, if you are a chiropractic student or doctor who is wanting to learn more about the Gonstead system, call us and we can give you details on the next seminar. We look forward to seeing you there!

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