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NormaTec Pulse Recovery System

  • Are your legs tired after a long day of working?
  • Do you have poor circulation?
  • Need help recovering after a hard workout?

Then NormaTec is for you!

NormaTec was created to enhance blood flow and speed up recovery. Using pulsing compression just like your body does when your muscles contract and relax, it naturally and easily improves your circulation and rapidly alleviates your symptoms.

Here are the 3 techniques used by NormaTec:

Pulsing: The pulsing effectively mimics the muscle pump that will enhance the movement of fluids in your muscle tissue.

Gradients: uses pressure to keep fluids in the veins and vessels from being forced the wrong direction

Digital Release: by releasing the hold pressure as soon as possible, each section of the limbs gains rest time between compression cycles

The attachments can go on the arms, legs, or hips. The attachments compress air to massage limbs, mobilize fluids, and speed recovery using the patented NormaTec pulse massage pattern. The session will begin by compressing feet, hands, or quad depending on what attachment you are using. Each segment will compress and work its way up the limb.

Who can use NormaTec?

Anyone! It was created for the use of athletes after an intense work out but anyone at any age can benefit from the recovery system.

One session lasts for 30 minutes

NormaTec Pulse Recovery System in Frisco TX | (972) 668-9200