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The Venn Chiropractic and Wellness Center team will go the distance to help you get well and stay well through chiropractic care. We strive to provide the highest quality chiropractic care possible. Visit Venn Chiropractic and Wellness Center to experience for yourself what sets us apart from other Frisco chiropractors. We look forward to hearing from you, call our Frisco chiropractic office today!

Baby wrapped in blanket

Pediatric Wellness

My favorite patient to see is a child. Most children we see are being adjusted for wellness care to increase their immune system, improve their health and prevent for the future. It is awesome to get this opportunity to forever improve their lives at such a young age! I get to watch them grow up and avoid so many common illnesses.

Woman holding head

Migraine Headaches

Starting all the way back as a student in school, I have had tremendous success with migraine headaches. I have had people come in that say that because their mom has migraines that they have them too. Well, this is partially true but just because they have the predisposition to migraines doesn’t mean they must have them. I have had several families like this that I correct them in the grandma, the mom, and the child. So much for it running in the family!

Woman with hands on neck and back

Disc Issues

I would say that I am a specialist in disc issues. The extra training in the Gonstead technique has prepared me to deal with 95% of all disc issues. I have had many patients come to me suffering who have said another chiropractor told them they could not adjust them because of their disc problem. Fortunately, using Gonstead, these cases are typically very easy to deal with and we get fantastic results! Gonstead gives me a way to gently, carefully, and very precisely deal with the disc problem without causing any extra damage as could be possible from a rotational move. My adjustment avoids rotation and is completely based on the biomechanics of the disc. If you have a disc problem, call me today!

Man holding his knee

Sport Injuries

I love working with athletes and sports injuries because there are so many ways that I can improve their function. It’s so exciting to me to see their improvement in their given sport! The adjustment itself improves nerve messaging that has a direct affect on their muscular system. Using medical intuition, I can give their bodies exactly the nutrition it needs to work at its optimum. Also, with my background in exercise science, I can work with them on bringing up muscular weaknesses to eliminate injury, prevent injury or simply to improve performance. Athletes work so hard at their given sport and sometimes a fraction of a second determines if they win or lose. That fraction of a second is the difference that I can help with!

Woman getting massage

Relaxation and Stress

I’m proud to offer patients seeking relief from stress or injury focused massage therapy. During a massage session, we’ll get to know you and your goals so that we can target care specifically for you. Massage can be a wonderful modality for patients with sports injuries, chronic injuries, inflammation, those under stress, and for patients who simply want to relax and do something great for their body.

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