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Additional Testimonials


  • Dr. Venn was very informative in explaining the problems that I have and the treatment plan for me.
    -Sandy B.
  • My first appointment/adjustment was amazing. I have over 20 years of experience with chiropractors and have never experienced an adjustment like that. Seems I’ve been missing out on the Gonstead method all these years! Dr. Venn was great. The staff is also very warm and friendly.
    -Sonia L.
  • Dr. Venn was very gentle. I was nervous about being adjusted because I was in pain & he explained everything step by step as he adjusted & it made it a great experience! Thank you!
    -Kristy C.
  • Thank you for listening and caring. After everything our family has been through I am grateful for such a positive and caring experience.
    -Aliya S.
  • Staff like Annette were very helpful and clear and friendly in their explanations of the steps and what to do next or where go, or how long a wait or interval would be. Dr Venn was superb in his explanations of what to expect before each adjustment, and of our test results.
    -Anthony T.
  • I appreciate how thorough Dr. Venn was and how he wanted to make sure I understood everything he was telling me.
    -Shawn H.
  • Dr Venn and staff were very professional and helpful. I already see a difference in my back.
    -Cheryl B.
  • Dr. Venn doesn’t rush you and always takes the time to answer my questions. His office staff have been very helpful. I am looking forward to Dr. Venn correcting my back problems and feel confident he will.
    -Gail B.
  • The staff is so cheerful and helpful!!! The office is inviting and warm. The Dr. is so very informative and kind. It was a pleasurable experience overall!
    -Kathy T.

Made Positive Impact

I read about you through an article in Frisco Style (i believe this is the correct magazine). It was the article you indicated your wife had encouraged you to write for some time. What struck me was your confidence and history of making adjustments that not only addressed the problem of which the client was most concerned about, but also positively impacted other issues. My primary issue was lower back, but I was having other symptoms that " could" have linkage based upon nervous system inter-workings. I've had 5 adjustments or so, and I believe we are making good progress. I need to schedule my next appointment, as well. Thank you!

James C.

No More Chest Pain

I started seeing Dr. Venn because I was having lower and mid back pain. It was very difficult for me to breathe at times and I also had sharp pain in my chest. These problems caused me to not sleep well at night. I had seen a chiropractor before, but it had been about 5 years prior to seeing Dr. Venn. After getting adjusted by Dr. Venn I was finally sleeping much better and had no more chest pain.

Shawna H.

Thank You for Helping!

Dear Dr. Venn

Thank you so much for seeing Kara! She had suffered from headaches for a very long time. Kara had consulted doctors and even spent a few days in the hospital at one point. No one was able to determine the cause of her pain or to provide any long term relief. Since she has visited you, she has not complained at all about headache pain. I heard you tell several stories of people who were cured of more than just back pain and I wanted to send you someone myself to see if you could help them. I have to admit, I am very surprised that you were able to help Kara. Thank you for helping me. I thank God that you are in Frisco serving this community.

Pastor Brad Aldrich
Water's Edge Lutheran Church

Best Results

Dear Dr. Venn

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing this letter sooner, but life has been quite busy for our family lately. I am sure you can understand since you have experienced my kid’s energy levels at your office before.Secondly, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping our Alex get better and for breaking the cycle of ear infections he was stuck in for such a long time.
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Alexander suffered from recurring ear infections. When he developed a cold or became congested, his ears would not drain properly. He suffered from five consecutive ear infections, and on our last visit to his pediatrician, we were told that he would need to see an ENT to explore the reason why his ears were not properly draining. We were also told that further rounds of antibiotics would most likely not work for him.

We shared our situation with a friend and she told us about you and how much you had helped her child. I’ll admit that when Gwen first told my husband and I about chiropractic treatment I was very skeptical, but our only other choice at that point was to take our child to an ENT for a possible surgical procedure due to the recurring ear infections and the antibiotics’ lack of effectiveness.

We decided to give it a try, and what a difference your treatments made! After just a couple of treatments Alexander began to sleep better and seemed to be in a better mood. He also started to vocalize more, and no longer was a “clingy” child at mother’s day out program where he attends. Also, before he began chiropractic treatment, Alexander would get colds, but I noticed that there was little or no drainage coming out of his nose, like most other kids. After a few treatments, his nose began to drain more when he was congested. The last time he had a cold he was able to recover faster and I never had to give him any medicine for it.

The best result from your treatments is that Alexander has not had an ear infection again since we began chiropractic treatment. We feel so blessed to have such a healthy child and to have found you. We not only want to use this letter to thank you, but would like for you to share it with others so they too can benefit from your treatment.

Thank you So much for all you have done and God bless!

Lola, Alexander, Isabella and Floyd Hess

Never Been Better

My name is Mary Corder. I am a medical examiner for several insurance companies. I was referred to Dr. Venn from one of my patients. I had been to numerous doctors regarding my situation with no avail. I was diagnosed in May 2003 with microscopic colitis and undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy. Basically, that means a tendency toward inflammatory arthritis of the spine, sacroiliac and other joints of the body. Bottom line, I was in pain.
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After listening to my patient speak so highly of Dr. Venn, and how Dr. Venn has helped him I thought, Why not? Well, thank God I did. I could barely get up in the mornings. I thought, "How will I ever make it to work today?"

I went and saw Dr. Venn. His staff is wonderful. Everyone made me feel right at home. Dr.Venn was extremely informed and I felt very comfortable with him. He knew exactly what to do to help my pain I had been dealing with for the last several years.

After just the first visit with an adjustment, it was amazing how I felt. Not only did my pain seem less, but I was able to sleep better at night. During the day, I felt energetic. I was amazed.

I had spent so much money on all these doctors who basically couldn't help me with anything except with more prescription drugs. I don't like to have to rely on anything like that to help me get through the day. With Dr. Venn's knowledge and his technique I have never been better.

I wake up every morning feeling great and I owe it all to him. I am glad I was led to Dr. Venn. He has helped me be me again.

Thank you!
Mary Corder

Less Back Pain

I started coming to see Dr. Venn because I was having problems with my skin, and pinched nerves In my back. These problems affected my daily life and my low back pain made it really hard for me to bend down. Soon after being adjusted by Dr. Venn, I was having more energy, less back pain and my jaw was working much better!
Grant Honeman

Cares About Patients

I would like to share my story with others as to how you have made a dramatic change in my life with your knowledge, skills and ability to help others when other doctors are not able to do so.
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I first heard about Dr. Venn about a year ago by a friend. She had been going to Dr. Venn and she explained to me how he was going to be able to help me with my migraines. I was very skeptical at first but I had been having migraines for over 2 ½ years and it was getting to where I was having them every week, if not more. One week, I had a migraine for two days in a row and then I decided that was enough and I called Dr. Venn and made an appointment. Dr. Venn met with my husband and I, and explained what the procedure was and how he was able to help me. Dr. Venn told me a story about his wife and his mother-in-law. I decided then that I really needed help and I wanted to see what Dr. Venn could do for me. I had a migraine that same day I went in to see Dr. Venn and he took me in to have the x-rays taken. I was in such pain that during the x-rays, Dr. Venn had to stop because I was very nauseated from the migraine that I had to run to the ladies room. The pain was so intense that my husband had to come into the ladies room with me and help. I was finally able to go back and finish my x-rays. After the x-rays were complete Dr. Venn was able to see exactly where my problem areas were. Immediately he was able to subside the migraine. I started seeing Dr. Venn once a week and after about a month I noticed I was having migraines less and less.

Due to Dr. Venn's adjustments I have been able to go to work without headaches and to enjoy my weekends with my family. Before Dr. Venn's adjustment, I was in bed a lot with a pillow over my head and blinds shut tight. Now I do not miss days from work due to my migraines anymore. If I have a headache coming on, I call Dr. Venn and he immediately fits me in to take care of it before it gets out of hand.

I have been able to save money and time from work on doctors visits due to not having constant migraines. But most importantly I can be with my children and husband without getting mad easily from the pain, and I do not have to stay in bed because of the pain.

The most important reason why I highly recommend Dr. Venn to all my friends and family is that he takes care of all of me. Dr. Venn is one doctor that does not care about the money, he cares about the patients. He knows he can make us all feel better.

My husband and son are both seeing Dr. Venn. My husband had been suffering from severe back pain and now he is able to enjoy his workday without being uncomfortable. My son is 13 and plays baseball religiously. Dr. Venn is able to help him concentrate better in school, and become more consistant with baseball. My son also has a learning disability and this is the first year that he has not needed my help with any school work.

Thank you Dr. Venn for changing, mine and my family's life to be better every day. Most of all thank you for your good heart. It makes us want to do better and feel better about ourselves.

Rhonda G.

Pain Gone

First of all, I just want to take this moment to say, “thank you.” This letter is long overdue but I want everyone to know what I now know so that maybe they won’t have to suffer like I had to suffer.

About eight years ago, when I was a freshman in high school, I had a really bad accident on a jet ski while on vacation and badly injured my low back. At times the spasms were so bad that I couldn’t even stand up. I played varsity athletics during high school so my back pain really got in the way. I actually started seeing a chiropractor in my home town for the problem and got some relief, but they never gave me total relief. After I graduated high school I started college here in the DFW metroplex and the week before school started I had a horrible car accident that destroyed my vehicle and along with it all the progress the chiropractors had made on my low back. I was pre-med at Northlake at the time, on my way to Parker Chiropractic College myself actually so my hometown chiropractor transferred me to the Dean of Clinics at the Parker College clinic and I continued treatment with him. Again he was able to help, but I still had a constant pain that I just thought I’d have to live with forever.
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When I started school at Parker I thought surely someone there would be able to help my back. I got adjusted by teachers, fellow students, other faculty and I still had low back pain that never totally went away and sometimes was excruciating. I finally met Dr. Venn after I had finished my first year in chiropractic college and at first just came out to get a good set of x-rays taken. I was familiar with the Gonstead technique that he uses and was told that if anyone could help me it would be him. So I came to see him and as soon as he put my x-rays up he said, ” Well, you’ve got a spondylolisthesis.” I had been told at school that I had this but they wouldn’t touch it and wouldn’t explain much of it. Basically it means that when I had my accident years ago, I fractured part of my low back and that bone slid forward and was putting pressure on the nerves in my low back. Everyone else told met that I basically was going to have to live with a certain amount of pain the rest of my life. Dr. Venn said that he was sure he could help me and began working on my low back using very precise adjustments. After a few months with Dr. Venn I was completely pain free, can be as active as I want to be, and won’t let anyone else adjust me without using the Gonstead technique. It’s been almost a year and a half since my wife and I first started coming to Dr. Venn and I haven’t had a problem with my low back in almost a full year!!! I have him check it from time to time but rarely do I need to have it adjusted. Dr. Venn helped me and impressed me so much the first time I met him that I too now practice the Gonstead technique and only adjust my patients with specific Gonstead adjustments. So, thank you, Dr. Venn for giving me hope when everyone told me there was none. I thank you, my wife thanks you, and the thousands of patients that will be helped through the Gonstead technique now thank you too.

Sincerely, Jim Bob Haggerton

Saw HUGE Results

Saber's "Pawpaw" strongly urged us to see Dr. Venn because of the severe migraines Saber was having. He was hardy functioning as an almost 3 yr old boy. He was very mean, aggressive and grouchy. As his mom, I dreaded getting out of bed because I knew the battle the day was going to be.Saber was unable to eat well, sleep all night, sit for any period of time, play without hurting someone. As his mother, it prevented me from doing a lot of my daily tasks. Mind you, this started as early as 9 mos.
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Saber saw his pediatrician. Had a series of x-rays, was given pain med. Had an MRI. The next course of action was to see a pediatric neurologist who would perform a series of tests which were extremely painful. Saber could not be sedated during theses tests.

After two visits we had HUGE results. The headaches had become less often and less severe. Saber was eating everything he could get his hands on and he was sleeping through the night. At 1 month later, he was potty trained, very sweet, affectionate, would sit and cuddle, playing with friends. At two months he was a complete joy...very obedient, active, and as a baby he was diagnosed with reactive airway disease (asthma). We had been to the ER for breathing problems.

While everyone else in the family has struggled with asthma, Saber has had NO symptoms. He has also stayed well when the stomach bug and other common childhood illnesses have gone through the house. ( Saber is #3 out of soon to be 5 kids!) It is very obvious to my husband and me and others around us that Saber is a completely different child. His overall health has dramatically improved. His Sunday School teachers have asked what we'd done to him because he was a blessing to have in class. Saber is now in Mothers' Day Out once a week, something we would have NEVER done before. And, he is looking forward to playing soccer and baseball. Thank you Dr. Venn!

Saber Ray, 3 yrs old

Feeling Better

I had whiplash from a car accident, but I also had gastritis, which is a non specific pain in my abdomen. I’d had the gastritis for months, and it kept getting worse and worse. I spent almost every night doubled over in pain, and medicine didn’t help. Plus, as an author of dating books, I usually spend twelve plus hours each day hunched over my computer. My shoulders constantly ached.
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The gastritis kept me from eating normally. I had given up onions, garlic, butter and oil in an attempt to stop the pain. Nothing worked, and my husband was cranky because I wouldn’t eat his fabulous (and garlic filled) Italian dinners. In addition, my writing was suffering because of the chronic pain in my shoulders.

I had been on antibiotics and a plethora of stomach acid medicine for the gastritis. And I took Advil on a regular basis for the pain in my shoulders.

Not only did my neck start to feel better (from the whiplash), but my chronic stomach pain literally went away. I have not had an attack since my first week of seeing Dr. Venn, and I sleep much better now that I’m not in chronic pain. And I’m happy to say that my latest book is almost done!

Melissa Darnay

Helped So Much

I hurt my back at work several years ago. The doctor that I went to see at that time told me that I had damaged the Sciatic nerve. He put me on a muscle relaxers and said that there was nothing I could really do for the pain other than taking Motrin or something of that nature. The only other thing would be surgery and I did not want to do that. So I learned to live with the pain, sometimes my leg would tingle or go numb from the hip to the ankle and even into the foot.
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My granddaughter, Shannon, encouraged me to go see her friend who was attending Chiropractic School. She told me I could go to him at school and she was sure I could get help if I would just go. I started seeing her friend who turned out to be Dr. Venn while he was still at Parker School of Chiropractic. It was the best advice I could have received. After a few visits to see Dr. Venn, I was completely free from pain in my left leg. It no longer hurts and never tingles or goes numb.

Sometime later, I thought that I had hurt my knee on my RIGHT leg. Because it was a knee, I decided to go to a Dr. friend of mine that is an Orthopedic Surgeon. After examination of my knee, I got a shot in the knee and it helped for a few days. After a while, my regular Dr. sent me in for an MRI and then to another Dr. to have the nerves tested in that leg to see if I had nerve damage. When all the reports were back, there was nothing wrong with my knee or the nerve in my leg. My knee pain was caused from my back. Who would have ever connected knee pain to the back?

I went to see Dr. Venn again and he has helped me a lot. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm so much better than I was. I have been a faithful patient of Dr. Venn ever since. If I have any health problems I check with Dr. Venn First! He has helped me so much and I am sure that if I had not gone to him, I would not be walking today.

Joan Smith

Dr. Venn is Awesome

Dr. Venn is awesome!! I had neck stiffness for several days and after my first appointment I felt so much better. He did several adjustments and I can finally move my neck without pain. I was devastated for days. I couldn’t sleep, drive etc.. Dr Venn is very knowledgable and dedicated and he took time to explain everything. I will definitely continue with my chiropractic treatment program with Dr. Venn.

Danijela M.

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