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Giving Your Body Exactly What It Needs

We’ve all heard stories of medical care that didn’t work for people, and unfortunately, chiropractic is no exception to this. Many people have seen medical doctors, physical therapists, and yes, even chiropractors, and don’t walk away with a success story.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about why this happens and why we feel confident we can help those who haven’t yet seen success. The chiropractic technique I use in caring for my patients is the Gonstead method. This method was developed starting in the 1920s by C.S Gonstead, who had a chiropractic office in the small town of Mount Horeb, WI.

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Dr. Venn’s gentle, healing touch gives you the care you need.

His methods were based on his years of studying mechanical engineering and gave a very precise adjustment to just what his patients needed.

How Gonstead Helps You

When we use the Gonstead method to care for you, it’s a very gentle movement. Those who are apprehensive about chiropractic care would find it reassuring to know that there is no force or twisting in this technique. Rather, we’re placing the vertebrae in your spine back to exactly where they should be—and not moving anything else with our light touch.

I will never make any kind of adjustment to your body and spine unless I’m 100% certain that it’s exactly what you need to fix your problems. You can feel confident and relaxed knowing that the expertise gained in my chiropractic education and in my additional education in the Gonstead technique will give you exactly the care you need—no more and no less!

If you’re ready to give gentle care a try, I’m ready to help! (972) 668-9200

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